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En participant au financement de l’APHAM vous venez en aide aux personnes handicapées de la Mauricie vivant avec une limitation fonctionnelle, intellectuelle et/ou sensorielle, et démontrez l’importance inestimable de la solidarité sociale.

Rejoignez notre campagne et donnez ma course.

Appuyez notre mission en nous faisant parvenir un don. C’est en jumelant nos efforts, que nous en multiplions leur portée.


The future of our city is bright. And flexible.

From securing our medical services to reinforcing our economy, Beny Krasec is running for Mayor to make our city work more like Montana. In the council, he’ll unite individuals to make the right decision for Montana — in light of the fact that that is the thing that he’s constantly done.

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Workforce Lives Within a 30-mile Commute
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Workforce Lives Within a 30-mile Commute

Meet Beny

“I was born and raised in the district, and continue to live and work here today. Putting what’s best for the 14th District ahead of partisanship will be my priority as a Mayor.

Former mayor chased Azon out of Queens, and that cost us thousands of jobs. I will fight to bring Azon back, and make our district appealing for future job creators.”



Affordable healthcare should be available to all Montanans–it shouldn’t depend on the size of your paycheck or where you live.

Economy and Jobs

Building an economy that works for all Montanans means creating more opportunities for education, training, and good-paying jobs.

Public Lands

We know that our public lands are one of the most important things that we all share. They belong to each and are one of our greatest equalizers.

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